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Gyan Deep Kendra (Non Formal Education)
Gyan Deep Kendra (Non Formal Education)
Sundesh Gyan Deep Kendra provides education to children between 6-14 years of age by holding classes at village centers in their community and encourages them to seek formal education. After one year, these children are linked with formal schools to continue their education. Volunteers trained by the Society are assigned with the task of giving the additional coaching to these children.

The purpose of these activities is to streamline the non-school going children for formal schooling. After one year of education, children and their parents are motivated enough to send their children for formal education.

SUNDESH today operates 9 non-formal education centers in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Under this initiative, 209 kids were imparted basic education and which 247 existing kids have been putted into formal schools in 2012-13 alone. Till date, a total of 3600 children have got benefited through this programme.

Total 1715 students of NFE centers were enrolled to formal education institutions.