SUNDESH- Best Health NGO in UP, India
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SUNDESH started its community intervention with healthcare programmes in 1994 from a single district in Uttar Pradesh. It was a vital intervention for two reasons: first, the community lacked access to basic healthcare services, and second, SUNDESH wanted to win the confidence of the villagers, without which no development work could have been initiated.To identify the gaps between access and reach of healthcare services, the organisation started a mobile health service. Under this initiative, the mobile unit would visit the village on particular days in a week.

After successful implementation in a few villages, SUNDESH joined hands with the Primary Health Centre (PHC), which helped us increase the scope and provide healthcare service to a wider audience, including children and young women. The primary aim of our healthcare programmes is to empower villagers with knowledge that would enable them to lead a healthy life. SUNDESH Health Team at SIRUC includes a medical officer, lab technician, Community Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants.